• Headquarter Branch Villa 71 - Borivage Village 2 - Fayed - Ismailia
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We Have 9th Years
of Experience

We are Newlight Import and Export Company. 9 years of experience in the labor market. More than 5 countries in the field of distribution 3 main branches of the company. The headquarters in the Arab Republic of Egypt A distribution branch inside Poland and an export branch from Spain. we are working on exporting the highest and best products from Within the Egyptian market from our farms and stations located within the Arab Republic of Egypt, which amount to 3 stations with planning to comprehensive expansion throughout Egypt. This site is concerned with the company’s headquarters in Egypt and its founder,

Mr. Ahmed Mostafa New Light Company for Import and Export seeks to improve the image and quality of the Egyptian product through its specialization in agriculture and export. Its goal is not profit, but its goal is to be number 1 in the world in the field of exporting vegetables and fruits. Do not hesitate to contact us, as we will always inform you of all details and prices. A product inside the Arab Republic of Egypt. We also offer free consultations for any inquiries related to the field of export. We hope to be honored to communicate with you. May you be safe and happy.